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The NOAH III - Upgrading Your Old Precipitation Gauge with NOAH Components

Provides improved resolution and accuracy to .01 inch with long-term digital data storage

ETI's NOAH III precipitation weighing assembly is designed to be installed in a customer-supplied precipitation gauge enclosure. The old tipping bucket gauge components are completely removed and replaced with ETI's load cell, electronics, and precip collection container.

The fully configured gauge then provides accurate, unattended measurement of precipitation in the form of either rain or snow over the full range of temperatures and environmental conditions. 



The picture at the right shows the weighing mechanism, electronics, and replaceable collection chamber. The old outer shell is powder coated and fitted over the components. 

The NOAH III precipitation gauge is a system of integrated components that detect onset of precipitation, measure the amount of precipitation collected in the precipitation container, and also can control the operation of an associated precipitation sampler. Because the NOAH III weighs the both the precipitation container and the collected precipitation, it does not require antifreeze.



An ETI PrecipSensíR, which is an infrared precipitation onset detector, also can be configured as an integral component of the NOAH III. The PrecipSensíR determines both precipitation onset and precipitation end by observing the number of precipitation particles passing through a beam of infrared light in a given time. At precipitation onset the NOAH III Precipitation Weighing Assembly resets its measurement parameters to ensure the first .01 inch of precipitation is measured and immediately recorded.

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