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            NOAH All-Weather Precipitation Gauges

NOAH II gauges provide measurement of all types of precipitation over extreme ranges of temperatures. Measurement components combine the proven principles of weighing gauges with the improved performance and accuracy of microprocessor-based intelligent control and measurement technology.

ETI offers three product lines of precipitation gauges designed to meet a variety of customer requirements.

1. NOAH II- A Legacy of Proven Precip Measurement Technology

ETI is an industry leader in precipitation gauges with 40 years experience in hydrological and meteorological instrumentation. The NOAH II series of precipitation gauges is deployed throughout the world. More...



2. NOAH III - Upgrading your Old Weighing Gauge with NOAH Components and Technology

Your old gauge is sent to ETI's facility where it is outfitted with new NOAH weighing and precipitation collection components. The entire precipitation collection chamber is weighed, which allows accurate measurement of snow that may stick to the sides. More...



3. NOAH IV - ETI's Latest Precipitation Gauge 

      (Approved National Atmospheric Deposition Program precipitation gauge)


The NOAH IV provides even greater precision and accuracy. As with the NOAH III, the entire collection container is weighed. The NOAH IV also can be configured with built-in infrared detectors. This allows the NOAH IV to immediately recognize the first indications of a precip event. It then initializes measurement software, preventing false indications and ensures all precip is recorded. More... 




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